Ahead of the Game Mentorship

Program Objective

The AHEAD OF THE GAME Mentorship Program offers “Side-Lined” students the support they need through program mentors, to empower them to make positive changes within themselves in order to direct them on a life-long path towards realistic goal setting and achievement.

Program Overview

The AHEAD OF THE GAME mentorship program is a 12-week program in which mentors facilitate interactive, fun learning session on themes including (but not limited to) IDENTITY, SELF-CONFIDENCE, BULLYING, OVERCOMING ADVERSITY, TEAMWORK & MENTAL HEALTH.

Weekly Sessions include:

  • An introduction to the weekly theme through real life stories
  • Interactive group activities
  • Collaborative group discussion
  • Weekly reflection or personal growth assignment

We work with teachers, administration and parents to get children off the "sideines" and BACK IN THE GAME

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