"Jonathan Hood is a tremendously inspiring and motivating force! He is passionate and committed about connecting you to your best Champion Life. His refreshing methodologies and tools produce results because he is dedicated and compassionate about helping others. Jonathan listens authentically while hearing you on a deeper level. This is where Jonathan's dynamic thinking shines through which allows him to put a plan in place that best fits your needs.The results of my coaching sessions with Jonathan have changed my every day way of thinking. Jonathan was able to reconnect me with my confident inner voice, my true self I somehow lost along the way. This is now reflected in my personal and professional life. I can now see and remove my obstacles, then gracefully accept any potential negative outcomes without fear. When a coach has the ability to encourage their lessons to be practiced outside of the classroom, that’s a job well done. When a coach has instilled their lessons without the ask to be lived on a daily basis, that’s powerful. That’s what Jonathan can do for you…"

- Jacquie Moore, TSC Provisioning Services Technical Support Centre, Bank of Montreal (BMO)

"I just finished a 6-week webinar series called "DNA of a Champion" with Jonathan Hood. What a great webinar! So many insights, so many 'aha' moments. Jonathan is spot on with his focus. He gets to the heart of your goals and gives you workable, concrete ways to achieve them. I am glad I took the time to do the webinar and would definitely sign up for anything else Jonathan offers. His background as a pro athlete has given him the skills and experience to help take you to the next level. If you have the opportunity to learn from him jump at the opportunity!"

- Theresa W

"You can choose to let life teach you natural lessons, or you can accelerate this process with a mentor or life coach. I chose the latter by enrolling in Jonathan Hood's 'DNA of a Champion' webinar series. I am a student fresh out of university enrolled in a post-graduate marketing program at George Brown College. At this point in my life, more than ever, I am trying to figure out who I am and what my passions are. DNA of a Champion helped me with exactly that. Instead of focusing on my weaknesses, like many self-help programs, DNA of a Champion put a large emphasis on discovering and building my strengths. Jonathan Hood, former CFL player, is the ultimate motivational speaker as he brings his energy, passion, and dedication on the field to his motivational coaching. Jonathan genuinely cares about his team as he provides continuous support even outside of the webinar through personal emails and phone calls. Even after the first session, I was able to see immediate results in my confidence levels as well as a clarification in my goals and how to attain them. I would recommend DNA of a Champion to anyone, especially those looking for the tools to help them achieve their ultimate goals and dreams in life."

- Kia Knights, Sports & Event Marketing Student, George Brown College