Leadership & Training Workshops

Developing disciplines like Identity, Vision, Communication and Conflict Resolution can be challenging when working with teams. Help your team absorb new skills and understanding in a non-traditional setting with effective high-energy workshops and activities that will both motivate and drive optimal performance individually and as a team.


Get your team moving and engaged with one or more of these fun, interactive 1-2 hour workshops today!


MARSHMALLOW TOWERS: Stop Using One Communication Style!

THEME: Communication Entertain your inner child while learning how to effectively adjust your communication style to fit your audience with this fun and interactive workshop.  


SPOTLIGHT SPEAKERS: How Are Your Presentation Skills?

THEME: Communication Learn some great tips on presenting with confidence and how to use various techniques to engage your audience.  


THE CUP GAME: Do You Know How to ‘Team’?

THEME: Communication, Leadership This dynamic workshop focuses on teamwork and conflict resolution, teaching participants how to create an environment for effective problem solving, build trust and openness as well as create a safe space for people to voice their opinions and overcome groupthink.  


THE NEGOTIATOR: More Than a Sales Pitch - How to Sell A Vision

THEME: Selling/Negotiating Get a new take on the 4P’s of marketing: product, placement, price and promotion and find out how to sell more than a product or service- learn how to sell a vision. Using the tenets of emotion, confidence and trust, this workshop is guaranteed to improve your selling skills.  


8 SQUARES OF VISION: Building Your Roadmap to Greatness

THEME: Vision/Goal Setting How do you think greatness is achieved? By having a vision and doing the small things day after day that will take you closer to your goal. Work through this comprehensive exercise and build a solid roadmap to your greatness!          


SELF IMAGE TRIANGLE: How Do You Want to Be Seen?

THEME: Image/Teamwork In a powerful look at the importance of image and perception, participants are given a 360° evaluation and an opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and manage how they want to be perceived by others.  


LETTER TO A COLLEAGUE: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

THEME: Self-Presentation Examine your gratitude for others through this insightful workshop and learn the power of building and strengthening relationships by expressing appreciation.  


TOILET PAPER MUMMIES: Unlocking the DNA of a Champion: Part 1

THEME: Communication In this strengths-based leadership workshop, discover the true power of words and how to use that power to unlock your greatness. Participants will learn to “speak life” to themselves and others. 


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