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“Choose a job that you love and you will never work another day in your life”

- Confucius

Purpose is a tricky thing. Sometimes, people don’t understand their purpose, and say things like, “I really want a lot of money," or "I need a million dollars to feed people who are poor," to which I say, “okay, but do you have 5 bucks?"

You can take a dollar and make significant change.

I ask people to look into their reasoning behind things. Why do we thin we really need all that money? I guarantee you that if you really think about it and reflect, it’s not the money that you want, it’s the idea of being able to do something with the money. There’s a purpose behind the money.

I remind my clients that they have to be so careful not to mistaken money for your purpose. See, money is just a by-product of greatness. There are great actors, athletes, musicians, dancers and singers who get paid a lot, yes, but money is still a by-product for them. They're moving in what they were born to do. Whatever your respective field is, you will eventually get money, but first you must know purpose.

Purpose comes before payment.

So what is your purpose? You’ve got to figure it out. And the purpose may change from time to time. But overall, you will have purpose.

So what is yours?

This week set an intention. What do you hope to do? How do you hope to add to yourself or to others?

What is your purpose?

If you're a teacher, you are sowing seeds into the lives of students in order to educate them higher. If you are a mother nourishing her children, you're turning them into positive, contributing members of society. If you are a coach or a mentor, you share advice and mould minds and create strong mentees.

Do you shine light in the office you work at? Are you the one who’s full of positive energy? Are you that person who lights people up? Do you take others away from the negativity of their lives and change their mindsets?

Some of us act as security for others. Some of us are providers. Some of us are still in search of what gets – and keeps – us going. I am so blessed to have figured out some of my purposes, talents and passions in life.

Every day I’m excited to wake up and share with others and be a shining beacon of hope to those around me. I love  warming up others' spirits. I try to have these things called “powersations” (high-powered conversations) with others. I have a need to leave those I speak with feeling shifted from where they were before they first spoke to me. I need them to feel confident and empowered. So I dedicate my life to having powersations with people.

So for this new month, I urge you to take some time to figure out your purpose. Do what you love and love what you do – payment will follow.



- JH


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