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Ever wonder what it is about kids that gives them inexplicable joy?

I'm currently on the beautiful island of Bermuda with some friends – one of whom has recently had a baby. She’s about 7 months old. Me and this little girl became instant friends from the first day that I arrived. The reason being is that every time she and I lock eyes, she has this humongous, exuberant smile on her face. She does a bit of a laugh as she squints her big, beautiful eyes and turns away.

Me and this little girl became instant friends from the first day that I arrived. Every time she and I lock eyes, her face spreads into this humongous, exuberant smile. She does a bit of a laugh as she squints her big, beautiful eyes and turns away. It warms up my heart. Every time we make eye contact, it’s the same thing: this big, beautiful smile. It made me think: what is it about children that makes them smile so much? What could possibly be making her so happy?

What I've noticed is that most young children simply aren't tainted by the trials and challenges that come with life. We, as adults, have become so conditioned and desensitized the simplest, most beautiful things in life. We gloss over simple acts or moments that bring us joy. We take on much more than we can bear. We're our own chip on our shoulder.

We go through many experiences in life, both good and bad. We experience a lot of people and go through a lot of relationships. And in the early stages of relationships, our perspective is set up. If it's a good relationship, it sets the tone for how we handle future ones. If it's bad, well, you know the rest.

Except most of us have had some of not-so-great experiences that still affect us in ways we don't even realize. We subconsciously apply past moments to current situations and consequentially dilute the true essence of the present moment. We're more apt to put our walls up if we sense a hint of familiarity.

We might approach something with an "oh no, not again!" mentality instead of a "let's give this a try" attitude.

We're on alert.

But not children. Children are always excited and able to approach things with a blank slate of excitement. They're able to anticipate the best because they don't know any better. They haven't been there before.

But for most of us who have, what if we tried this approach? What would happen if we opened up our minds and let positivity in? What if we were ferociously excited instead of just cautiously optimistic? Imagine the possibilities of allowing ourselves the freedom to look forward to things with positive expectations. Perhaps then we wouldn't move through life so apathetically. 

I really believe that there is a child in every king and queen. A lot of times, that inner child – that kid with high expectations – gets shut out, pushed to the side, or passed over.

Uncover your inner child.

Or better yet, rediscover who that person is. Let them out. Experience life like you haven’t experienced it in awhile. Move every single day with the expectation that something great is going to happen in your life and #GETAFTERIT.

- JH

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