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Family is usually the primary support network for most. Groups of friends, a significant other, and extracurricular clubs or teams, also serve as a foundation and source of support for many. As a football player I find great joy, love and support in both my family and in my team. It is great to have people who will stick by you whether you pass or fail, and will lend an ear to hear and encourage you as you share your huge, wacky, bodacious goals and dreams. 

I love doing vision sessions with the clients that I coach. It is amazing to see the face of another person light up when they believe in themselves and the dream that they have. It is not about selling them a pipe dream, rather it is about convincing them over and over again that their dream is a worthy ideal. You may be wondering, "Why does one need to convince themselves of this?" Isn't it there goal that they love?" Yes, I think that you are correct. One's dream is likened to a child that one is creating and going to love all of their life. However, what happens whenever you have a huge goal in mind? Doubt slithers its way into your mind and tries to settle in. "You can't do this;" "Remember what happened last time," "You're a failure;" "what would people think?;" are all common phrases that immobilize individuals from pursuing their dreams.  

These voices may not have a physical body, but they do exist. For this reason, I advise individuals with a big dream, to pair it with a big support network. Build a "SUPPORT SQUAD"; a group of enthusiastic individuals who also dream big and will encourage you when you share your exploits and ideas with them. They do not need to know that they are on your support squad, but it doesn't hurt. Select people who, when you share your dream, they go head to head with the negative voices in your head to uplift and encourage you to GET AFTER IT and give it your all. 

Once you have this group set up, access them. All it really takes is one phone call a week. During this phone call tell them your dream, update them on the steps you are taking, and feed off their encouragement. This will give you the fuel to move towards success. Access them even more when you feel discouraged (which we all do sometimes). There is nothing like a quick 'pick me up" phone call when you are down. Don't get buried under the weight of fear and doubt. Rather, set yourself up for success by having the right people in place to help lift you higher than you have ever gone before. i bet you will enjoy the view!

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