Jonathan Hood
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Have you ever wondered why, on a journey, the hardest part of the trip it getting on the road?

Take a road trip for example, you have to pack, you have to prepare, you have to get the cooler ready for the trip. You have to pack an emergency kit. It’s a lot of work! However, when you get on the road and on your way, for the most part, it’s smooth sailing. Let’s take a look at a plane trip: you pack and prepare, arrange your ride to the airport, get to the airport 2 hours early, go through the checkout line, go through security and/or customs, and then you wait. You find your seat, and then it’s the plane and pilot’s turn: the plane may be de-iced, the runway checked, the gadgets tested, the engines started, the runway cleared, the plane backed out, then the jets start going. The plane is clear and it starts to pick up speed. It’s a bit shaky at first. As you brace against the seat, the plane begins to lift off the ground. As you ascend, your ears may pop, and you may feel uncomfortable due to the air pressure change and the speed of the plane.

When you get into the air ands what happens? The plane steadies, the pilots witches to the autopilot and it’s smooth sailing. Then, the seatbelt light turns off.

It’s coming to the fourth week of the new year. How are those resolutions/goals coming along? By now, you’ve probably been in the heat of the battle. You’ve fought off the cravings, you’ve dealt with the jitters at the gym due to unfamiliarity, you’ve scheduled time to get to the gym, you’ve done your research and hired a trainer or looked up workout programs to do on your own. Now you’re beginning to have a routine and you are starting to feel confident at the gym. Now you have a good relationship with your trainer, yourself. Everyone knows you are working out and working hard. You’ve lost a bit of weight, maybe even a few inches. Now you are turning an act into a pattern and soon it will become a lifestyle. Before you know it, those goals will be achieved.

Have you ever realized that the beginning is the hardest part? Just like the takeoff of a plane. And when that beginning is over, its must easier, because the habits are there, and you can cruise on auto-pilot. It’s like the quote by Lao Tzu, “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

What is your destiny? What are you doing daily, hourly, by the minute, to get you closer to the life you desire, or the goal you would like to achieve? Here is a bit of help, Write out your goals, understand what they are and why you want them. Work backwards: what do you need to do in ¾ of the time to get there, in half the time? What do you need to do now? Then make a checklist: everyday you need to ask yourself, am I doing what I need to get me closer to my goal? Check in daily/weekly and hold yourself accountable. Lastly, when the going gets tough, especially in the beginning, have something to motivate you along the way. It may be a vision board, a quote, a card from someone that encourages you. Whatever you need to get you to take-off, do it and use it. This will get you to autopilot and before you know it that Seatbelt light will flicker off!