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"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."

- Jonathan Swift


Do you ever sit down and reflect?

Do you ever wonder if this is where you wanted or hoped to be 10 years ago?

When you envisioned your life, are you where you wanted to be three months ago? Six months ago? Nine months? A year?

It's crazy to think that just three full months ago was December 2015. We were prepping for the new year. We were writing out our goals. We were mentally mapping out our lives.

It sounds far away, but it really isn't.

Three months ago meant making that New Year's resolution.

That goal. That thing.

So where are you? Are you where you want to be? Or more specifically, are you where you need to be?

See, some of us are at a point in our lives where we need to tap into our vision. We've set New Year's resolutions, but we’re not quite there yet. Some of us are walking in the right direction of our dreams and it's beautiful. But some of us aren’t taking the right route. We’re setting a plan that is unrealistic. We’re moving in a way that overwhelms us when the reality is we should be moving step by step, round by round and fight by fight.

That’s how we become victorious.

Consider this analogy: Life is the movie that has already been made. The script has already been written. All we've got to do is live the picture. It's already there waiting for us.

When you set a vision, what you’re really saying is you know exactly what you want your particular goal or lifestyle to look like. That this is how your life should play out. When you set a goal and you’re putting a plan into perspective, all you have to do is walk out that vision every single day.

So what is your vision? This is the perfect time to reflect because the end of first quarter of the year is approaching. And as we reflect on what we've accomplished thus far and who we're growing into, we are able to set a pair of fresh eyes on creating a new vision for the next.

See, the power and vision is all inside of you. We’ve just got to find a way to turn the switch on. When you walk into a room with no light, it isn't dark because there is no electricity or power. It is dark because the light switch has not been turned on. It needs to connect with that power – that inner circuit – for it to shine. So shine on and uphold your vision.  



- JH

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