Jonathan Hood
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"Accountability breeds response-ability"

- Stephen Covey

It's amazing what happens when we get motivated; we listen to seminars, go to conferences, listen to speakers, and take courses. We get so fired up with just two claps and a “woo”. Then we go home and there's a disconnect between what we’ve learned and the energy we’ve stirred up versus actually achieving our goals. Somewhere along the line, we lose our momentum.

I like to think there’s a formula for success and goal achievement: identity and purpose. I started my coaching business as a personal training business back in 2009. I worked at a couple gyms before deciding I could do my own training. I rented some space at a local gym and started training a few people. Eventually it blew up, but not because my techniques were exclusive or I had the best meal plans. It was because I offered a bridge. If you just want a good workout, you can YouTube at-home workouts. If you want a great meal plan, you can Google that as well. You can easily get these technical components that'll aid you to get to where you want. But in order to activate those resources you need something else. You need an understanding of who you are.

How can I give out solid workout plans to clients if I don’t know their strengths? If I don’t know if someone is unable to complete a squat? If I don’t know how much weight they can lift, how can I put together a comprehensive regimen? I need to know who they are. Their identity. And if I don’t know their purpose, vision, or goal how can I take them there? Some people want to bulk up. Some people are sprinters who want to train for short explosive distances. Some people are marathon runners in it for the long haul. How can we go in the right direction lest I know your goal?

There's one other thing people need, and that's a bridge. For some people, it’s a coach like me. For others, it could be a friend or an accountability partner. For some, it’s a parent or mentor. Regardless of who it is, everyone needs that bridge to keep them motivated and accountable. Someone that’s going to keep you fired up to keep on going.

You will face troubles. Challenges will come. And it will get hard to stick to your goals and your vision. What's going to keep you dedicated and focused on moving towards something greater than yourself? And once you arrive, what is going to take you to greater heights? You're going to need someone on board.

When you're not accountable to anyone but yourself, it becomes easy to make excuses.

“I survived a rough day at work so I don’t need to work out."

"I worked out in the morning so I deserve to binge-eat."

But when you're accountable to someone else, there is a partnership or union that you’ve created together that helps keep you on the right track. That right there is all you really need. I believe that in every aspect of life, you must understand yourself and know your purpose. I also really believe that there isn’t anything you cannot achieve. So starting today, let's dedicate the rest of our lives to learning more about ourselves and getting closer to figuring out our grand purpose in this world. Let’s commit to using bridges to connect, motivate, and keep us accountable. Let's #GetAfterIt.




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