Jonathan Hood
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"You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward."

- Conrad Hall

When we went through school, we were often type-casted based on what others thought we were good at.

Nerds sat at the front. Jocks sat at the back. It didn't matter why the talentless popular kids were popular, they were loud enough to sit anywhere. 

We were picked apart based off of our talents, skills and abilities. We were placed in boxes it took us years to break out of. 

Then, we were given a chance at redemption.

We left school and started our own lives. We attended college or university. We got full-time jobs. We dropped everything and travelled halfway around the world. 

We grew more into ourselves.

But there was something that we'd always kept as a part of us. It was that one thing that kept us grounded when we felt lost, and held us up when life tore us down. It was that one piece of familiarity that reminded us of who we truly were when our new friends, coworkers, customers or even family members weren't looking.

It's that thing we always knew we were good at.

When you're good at something, you just know. You've already mastered it in a thousand lives. You don't always show it to the world because, well, sometimes showing off just isn't necessary. 

You've kept it inside you all these years, harbouring it and keeping it safe like a newborn.

But now that that thing has grown, it's time to let it walk in its destiny. That newborn is now a teen. That start-up is now a franchise. That poem is now a collection. That dribble is now a dunk. 

It's time to show the world what you've been keeping under your sleeve. It's time to exhibit your mastery. 



- JH

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