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"The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses."

- Edith Sodergran

There came a point in your life when you got fed up. You stopped acknowledging the things that once drove you to greater heights. You lost sight of what you once wanted. You became stagnant in who you were.

You ignored the signs along the way that showed you that you were falling off. You thought people just didn't know what you were going through. You made excuses for your mistakes. You burned bridges, turned blind eyes to things, and ultimately, you just stopped caring.

Most of the time, you didn't even notice it was happening. You carried on with your day-to-day life comfortable with your own mediocrity. You sold your soul to the things that gave you instant gratification instead of challenging yourself to expand and grow.

You started saying things like, "hey, same time tomorrow?" without hesitation or any real expectancy of an actual response. 

You turned into 'Bob' from Up In The Air:


I want to bring you back to a time before you become that person. 

Do you remember who you were?

You used to fuel that fire in the furnace. You used to constantly throw coal into the fireplace to make sure your passion kept you warm through the night. You would stay up at night, watching your fire grow strong with heat, desire, and a thirst for more.

When did you stop becoming that person? Did you get burned?

It's true - when you put fuel into a fire, that fire has a tendency to grow. And yes, sometimes it can get a little out of control. And when it gets out of control, sometimes the things around it can get set on fire too.

But so what? When did passion, desire, and a thirst for more become a bad thing? When did your zest for life negatively permeate someone else?

I have a personal philosophy that if you've never shifted somebody else's flame, you're wasting your time. When we're truly on fire - when we've really ignited that inner flame - there's no way we won't spark the same reaction in someone else.

It just wouldn't make sense otherwise.

There is something that is so great inside of you that just can't be contained, but you’ve got to keep feeding that fire. Maybe it's been awhile and you need to rekindle an old flame. Whatever the reason may be, there’s something that’s so great inside of you that has the power to shift atmospheres. It can move mountains and bring people to their knees. It can move you to new heights, but you’ve got to feed it first. And then you’ve got to let it fester. And then you've got to let it grow. 

I've heard many people say that they don't have the resources right now to truly go after their passion. Think limitlessly: what would you accomplish if you had everything you could possibly need at this very moment?

Would that fuel your fire?

Some of us would focus on what we could do with it. Some of us would automatically think what we could spend it on. Think about what unlimited resources really means.

What would you do?

People actively pursue things for different reasons. They need money for bills. They interpret 'likes' as acceptance. They sacrifice their souls to buy things.

I get it.

But what happens when you no longer have to pursue money? Or when 'likes' aren't a reflection of how others feel about you? Or when that soul-sucking job just isn't worth it anymore?

What are you left with? And who have you become? 

I encourage you to look to that old flame within. 


- JH

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