Jonathan Hood
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I was at the airport about a month ago while visiting a friend in Tennessee when I felt a burst of excitement. I wasn't sure if it was the atmosphere, weather, or my friend, but it felt really good to be at an airport.

There's something about that sense of adventure when catching a flight that really makes me eager. And as I sat down waiting for my flight, I got to thinking.

Much like when you start up anything new, an airplane takes more energy to get going and take off than it does to sustain itself once already in flight. There's more excitement and nervousness when you first start anything. That itself is an adventure. 

I sat there anticipating this adventure. I thought about all of the endeavours and dreams and goals I’ve ever had and how they are parallel to a plane. In the beginning, they require so much of us just to take off; but once they got going, they really soar. It happened with football. It was tough getting into the league. It was tough getting into University football. But once I got into it and got the hang of it, I was rolling. And now that I'm no longer playing, I realized that my business, AOTG, was tough when we started it a few years ago, too. We were new. We didn’t really know what we were doing. But we were passionate and fired up so we put our everything into it. And now I'm getting calls, emails and requests for the program from schools as well as potential partner organizations.

So today, as we near the end of 2016, I want you to learn from this lesson about travelling. If you have any type of worthy idea or goal, or want to achieve any type of success with anything, it’s going to take a lot to start it. It's going to require your energy, heart, and passion. And in the beginning stages, it will be beautiful when you put all of your energy, power, might, hope and joy into it. You go and hit the runway and try to hit it as strong as you can because when you start to take flight the training wheels come off and you ascend. Soon you will reach a comfortable height – a comfortable cruising altitude – and things will just flow.

As I look towards 2016, I look forward to the flow and am excited for new takeoffs. I'm ready for all that the new year has in store. Whatever it is that’s been stored up inside of you – that dream, that goal, that aspiration – let’s put some more work - be it time, effort or energy - into it. And let’s see it take off so that we can cruise and enjoy the ride. 

Happy New Year.



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