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You ever watch certain athletes do their thing and wonder how in God's name they're able to do it?

It's like they were raised with that extra something that gave them an advantage in life. It's the things that all memorable athletes have. It's what makes them stand out in their area. It's what makes you uncomfortable when you're in their city. It's the stuff of greatness.

Serena's got it. Steph's got it. Crosby's got it. Lebron James has it.

  It's a championship mindset.

A few nights ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers made history by winning their first NBA Championship in over 40 years. Whether you're a basketball fan or not, Lebron James has become a household name, and for good reason.

Sunday night was Lebron’s 5th trip to the NBA finals.

Take that in.

Some athletes never even make it to the finals in their professional careers. They never get to experience that level of achievement. They'll never have a taste of greatness or a spot in the history books.

Lebron James has done this dance five times. And each time he's progressed, he's been criticized just as much. He's been ridiculed as an opportunist for leaving the Cavaliers. He's been called an opportunist. His ability to lead has been called into question numerous times.

And still, like dust, he rose.

Amidst the pointed fingers, ridicule, Twitter jabs, and crude memes shared on the Internet, Lebron shut it down for the world to see.

He showed up, shut it down, and walked away with a ring. He never stopped or gave up. In fact, he let the obstacles and ridicule fuel him.

He ignited the fire within. He adopted a gritty mentality that said, "I'll never stop. I'll never give in."

I call that a championship mindset.

In the sports world, there's a certain shift your mind goes through when you switch from regular season mode to playoff mode. You're no longer facing the same teams at the same pace you always were. You're forced to elevate your game in order to play at a higher level. You've got to outdo the other team by outdoing yourself.

You remove the rug from underneath you. There's no more cushion. Your plan B is no longer there because it distracts from plan A.


Because a championship mentality means win or die. It means persisting until you succeed because success is your only option.

I know you’ve been ridiculed. I know fingers have been pointed at you. I know you've gotten lost and stumbled. 

But you owe it to yourself to get back up. That's how winning is done. You owe it to yourself, after all.

So take that championship mindset with you everywhere that you go. Do your thing until you win. Live in it until it's all you breathe. Then do it some more.

They don't want you to win.

But guess what you're going to do, anyway?


- JH

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