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What are you passionate about?

As a 30-year-old former football player, motivational speaker and youth facilitator, I've been to a lot of places and have seen a few things. I've had a lot of cool opportunities throughout the years, but I can admit one thing. In some areas where I have an extensive amount of experience, I can admit that there are areas in which I do not.

There are many things I don’t know much about. But if there is one thing I have that I can assure you of, it's my passion.

My passion has shifted over the past few years. I once had a very strong passion for football. That passion was the motivation that had me in the gym for three hours a day, breaking my body down only to build it back up. That passion moved me to go to training camps and wake up at 6:30 in the morning only to sleep at 11 30 at night. It was the same passion that occupied my mind with only football - whether it was on the field or in the classroom learning. It got me to put on equipment and run down the field at full speed into people I didn’t know. It launched my body into others and got me to hit, block, run, and catch. 

There were times in my career when I wasn't the most knowledgeable. I didn’t always understand every play or how we did things. 

But whether I knew it or not, my passion had me in a continuous state of learning and growing. My passion and enthusiasm were contagious. People around me were set on fire and motivated. They would catch me watching a football film in a room alone and watch with me. 

They would see me working out after hours to exercise my body, and they’d join in.

That passion never left me.

True passion never dies.  

Mine just shifted. It's been shifted to people, leadership and anyone who tunes into what I have to say in my daily motivational groups.

I hope you feel this passion.

My passion for you, my friends, my family, and my community constantly propel me to learn more. It propels me to dig deeper and grow.

Sometimes my passion steals my sleep. Most days I'm so energized by the work that I do and the ability to influence others that I spend every waking moment doing what I love. I have an amazing opportunity to change lives.

My prayer is that your passion seeps through you. You may not be the most knowledgeable or experienced, but if you have passion, it will propel you to knock on doors and ask for what you need to continue to do what you love doing. Today, write down on a piece of paper what it is that you’re passionate about. Be aware and let that passion spread to others. When you speak about that thing, let that passion be known. Whether you’re at work, on the bus, on the commuter train, or in the classroom, let your passion be so bright that it warms others up and energizes them, too.

Let your invigoration be contagious.


- JH

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