Jonathan Hood
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I write this as I sit, on my chair, a little tired, and my back a lil sore, from shoveling the driveway. I came home and my roommate was getting ready to get rid of some snow. he has a snow blower and two shovels. As he fixed the leak in the snow blower to prepare it for battle, I grabbed a shovel and went to work. Judging by the puzzled look on his face I bet he thought I was crazy. I wondered to myself, why am I shoveling snow when he has a snow blower? Then the other side of me, the “real” me said, “why not, are you afraid of work?” 

Why do we have snow blowers? 

As he got it cranked, blew some snow around, got it stuck and unstuck, I shoveled half of the driveway. Yes, sometimes I lifted wrong and hurt my back a bit. Yes it took time, yes it took energy, but doesn’t everything else that we learn, grow from and enjoy? Do we really need snow blowers? At that point in time I vowed never to buy a snow blower for my home. When I have children, they will work. They will get their little or big shovels out and shovel snow. I want them to know what it feels like to work. I want them to know what a little pain is like, and to embrace it. i want them to put their all into a job, finish it and be proud that they cleared the driveway by the sweat of their brow.......Is there any greater feeling?